~~ Scholarships~~

The Miss America Organization, with which the Miss Texas County Pageant
is affiliated, is the largest single source of scholarship funds for young
women in the world and at all levels is a completely nonprofit
organization. A big thank you to our local sponsors for making this local
pageant possible. We proudly support them.

We have given out over $18,000 in the past 16 years. These young ladies
have gone onto become nurses, teachers, broadcast journalists, insurance
agents, broadway performers, and much more. So proud of each of these
young ladies.
~~ Service~~

Part of the program is service. We try to give as much back to the
community as possible. These young ladies have helped with the
annual Lions Club Fish Fry, Area Christmas Parades, programs at
local Libraries, Children's Miracle Network events in the area,
Speaking of Women's Health at Wal-Mart and much more.
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Miss Texas County
Four Points of "The Crown"
Scholarship ~ Service ~ Success ~ Style
~~ Success~~

Participating in the Miss America Organization not only helps you pay for
college and prepare for a career, it provides an opportunity to gain
additional life experience, work on issues of importance to society,
enhance your personal and professional skills, and develop your performance-
related and other talents.

If you’re competing to further your education and make a difference in the
lives of others, your Miss America journey will be the most rewarding
experience of your life. During this time, be open to self-discovery and
tremendous growth. Along the way, you will realize and develop previously
untapped personal skills and talents. The experience will instill in you a
deeper commitment and investment in your community and public service,
and will strongly influence your education.

As a contestant, it’s important to develop a personal style. Your personal
style is like a signature—unique to you and easily recognizable to others,
giving you that edge you need for pageant success. Your style should be
based solely on what you like, what looks good on you, and what you can
afford. Ask yourself what you would like people to remember about you and
your clothing. Figure out which elements you’d like to add to your
wardrobe and search out these pieces. Once you narrow down what items
look good on you—and which make you feel good—you’ll be in style every
day. And the finishing touch, for any outfit, is confidence. In the end, it’s
the best addition to your wardrobe.